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Residential Appliance Repair

At Pat's Appliance Parts and Service in Sterling Heights, MI, we can handle most any home appliance repair.  Our technicians are up to date on the latest technologies in the appliance world. We can fix your problem quickly and correctly at a reasonable cost.

Our technicians are thoughtful and respectful of your time and property.  We don’t want anyone wasting our time or being untruthful to us, so we don’t do those things to our customers.

We practice the old virtue of thrift in our business by watching our overhead so that we can do a good job at a reasonable price. This is how we keep your repair cost as low as we can.  We want you to refer us to your friends and neighbors and we know we have to EARN that kind of trust.

Tell us that you found us through our website and we will deduct 10% off your repair. Why? We need to know which advertising is working so that we can do more of what works and less of what doesn’t. The less we spend for advertising, the lower we can keep our service rates.

What Home Appliances do we service?

Stoves and Ranges – in a tough economy, cooking at home is one of the easiest ways to stretch your budget. But a stove that isn’t working properly can cost you in higher electric bills. If it’s not working at all, you have a hungry family to contend with. Call us if your range or oven is acting up or seems to take longer than it should to heat up.

Refrigerators/Freezers – Some of the newer refrigerators have software driven controls that sometimes just need to be reset. If your refrigerator isn’t cooling, call us with the make and model number, it just may need to be reset and we can talk you through it.

Ice Maker – one of modern life’s wonderful luxuries. But an ice maker that jams or doesn’t form complete cubes could be a breakdown in the making. Call us before you end up with a mess in your freezer.

Yes, we can fix it.

Clothes Washers – Modern washing machines have mostly taken the chore out of laundry. But anything that uses water has the potential to leak and cause damage. Call us at the first sign of water on the floor. Also, if the clothes seem to wet after the spin cycle, you could have a problem in the making and you are wasting electricity by running the dryer longer than it should be necessary.

Clothes Dryers – your dryer should be checked periodically for lint build-up, proper heating and loose or slipping belts. All of these can cause damage to your clothes and use excessive energy.

This too!

Dishwashers – while it is sometimes romantic to do the dishes with your sweetie, most of the time there are other things you would rather do than wash dishes. A quality dishwasher will give years of trouble-free service, but when they break, they can cause quite a mess. Call us at the first sign of a problem like incomplete draining, leaking, or noisy operation.

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